Dental products and consumables
AT&M Biomaterials Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and producing high-tech dental and medical products, providing safe and reliable products and trustworthy services, and contributing to the natural environment protection and human oral health.

Dental Filling Resin
Light Curing Composite
Good operability, strong universality, good polishing and wear resistance
ATBIO helps dental doctors to provide optimized, efficient, and safe treatment solutions for patients
Restorative System
Restorative System
Luting Cements System
Luting Cements System
Pediatric/Prophylax System
Pediatric/Prophylax System
Silicone Impression Materials System
Silicone Impression Materials System
Orthodontic Adhesive System
Orthodontic Adhesive System
Interventional therapy
Interventional therapy

         The R&D team of AT&M Biomaterials Co., Ltd. has undertaken the national 863 research. On the basis of research with West China Medical University, it works closely with the team  of Peking University School of Stomatology,  and combines the research and development of Peking University Stomatology Hospital on the 'Research and Development of Oral Hard Tissue Repair Materials and Clinical Key Technology' project. The patented technology of dental polymer-based filling and restoration materials, and the method of nanofiber enhancement toughening resin matrix composites(CN-10139 7372-B) Patented technology, the industrial transformation has produced the internationally advanced level of dental polymer-based filling and restoration material light curing composite resin, which has won the award of Beijing's independent innovation product. Since 1988, the development of dental GK Amalgam capsules has filled the national gap and established national standards for dental Amalgam products. Since 2002, AT& M company has developed a series of new high-performance dental materials, among which light-curing nano-resin products have become the first in the country to obtain a registration certificate for three types of dental resins, such as flowable resins, fissure sealants, DC core resins, resin adhesives, etc., and traditional products such as amalgam capsules, glass ionomer, silicone impressions etc. The products sell well in more than 20 countries and regions home and abroad.

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